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Newton Data Center (NDC)

Dedicated Hosting

If your company wants all the benefits of in-house servers with absolutely no investment in hardware, power, cooling and management, we have the solution. With deployment time in weeks instead of months, all the power and cooling your hosting solution needs with all the connectivity that your company could ever want, NDC is the dedicated server provider of choice. There is no question that shared hosting can be the perfect solution for a wide range of companies, particularly on account of its cost-effectiveness and the fact that the relevant management and upgrades tend to be taken care of by the provider. Nonetheless, as your business requirements evolve and the time comes when it is necessary for you to refresh your existing systems, so you are likely to receptive to the opportunity to boost your server's amount of storage and/or computing power. Here at Newton’s, we can source, host and maintain dedicated servers that perfectly meet these needs. This means that unlike as is the case with virtual or cloud platforms, there is no danger of you suffering "no notice" take downs or unexpectedly ending up in a "busy neighborhood". We are carrier neutral, simply supplying you with hardware and a license, whilst you, in turn, can install your own choice of operating system and have 100% of the available memory and compute power at your disposal, with no upfront cost or long term commitment to worry about.

Dedicated Servers & Virtual Servers

Newton’s Managed servers are available in two infrastructure options: Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers

Dedicated Servers

Newton’s Dedicated Hosting Services provide business critical applications a platform with the stability and performance they demand, and are suited to organizations where regulations and compliance deem it necessary to use dedicated devices. These servers are built using standardized industry leading equipment; however, Newton’s also provides options for bespoke hardware where necessary.

Virtual Servers

Newton’s provides a variety of managed virtualization options which are available within a shared or private infrastructure of resources, or a combination of both. Our virtual server hosting offerings include:

  • Managed Virtual Servers - Provisioned by allocating resources from an “in the cloud” shared infrastructure of processors, memory and storage. This service typically provides a very economic hosting option allowing customers to provision virtual servers, firewalls and storage from one of the virtual hosting platforms on Newton’s Indian network. All virtual devices are configured for high availability, so in the event of a hardware failure the service will automatically restart on an alternative device, meaning near zero downtime whatever the application.
  • Managed Private Cloud - For solutions where a dedicated VMware infrastructure is a requirement for additional security and reliability, Newton’s can provide a Managed Private Cloud. This service provides the greatest technical flexibility and performance for services. Newton’s provides a dedicated cluster of virtual server hosts and enterprise storage, which can scale out as required. Onto this cluster, virtual machines can be deployed in any configuration within the limitations of the infrastructure and software.
  • Integrated Dedicated Hosting & Virtual Servers - Our dedicated servers and virtual servers offer the option to integrate managed dedicated and virtual services into a single solution to benefit from the best of both infrastructures. This enables organizations to take advantage of virtualization technology benefits such as reduced CAPEX, simplified upgrades and expansion, and dynamic performance for these types of servers, whilst also providing stable performance and supportable infrastructure for those functions where Dedicated Server hosting is more suitable.

Benefit from certainty about your server hardware

We make life easier for you by sourcing high quality hardware from the most highly regarded suppliers in standard configurations. We can also assist you to achieve an exact match for any hardware requirements that you may have from suppliers such as Dell and HP. Indeed, you are able to opt for such internationally renowned rack servers as HP Proliant and Dell PowerEdge Rack, with their famed combination of reliability, efficiency and control. Such a certainty of configuration gives you the freedom to create sensible and dependable plans as far as backups, test and development, disaster recovery, load sharing, migration and live workload redundancy are concerned.

We source our dedicated servers exclusively, and include hardware support from the vendor, rather than after market support from third parties. By investing in dedicated server hosting from Newton’s, then, you can be assured of a flexible server that is perfectly suited to your company's requirements, both now and in the future - as we are happy to discuss with you in case of any difficulty, such as with the process of data centre selection.

Remote Access

Employees can access and update information at any time, wherever they are, through web services and cloud computing, rather than having to remain at their desks.

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud services are powered by our cloud platform which is a geographically diverse dual-zone platform housed in our datacentres. This provides complete and end-to-end control over all elements in the hosting stack allowing us to deliver superb quality and flexibility.

Enterprise-Grade Virtual Servers in the Public Cloud

Newton’s Cloud delivers virtual private cloud servers for scale and flexibility, along with the unique security, performance, and management companies require in their own data centers. Administrators can quickly create and manage highly available public cloud environments using our powerful, intuitive control portal. A web services and Cloud Foundry-based Platform-as-a-Service provide a cloud application toolkit for enterprise developers.

Built on top of the line hardware, with a 99.999% SLA, 24x7 support and expertise, and Hyperscale instances for NoSQL workloads and Big Data jobs, Newton’s Cloud is architected for the enterprise and ready for legacy and greenfield business applications.

High Performance. Our cloud infrastructure is optimized across the stack for high performance —from premium hardware to custom performance enhancing technologies

  • High scalability to add/remove resources and cloud workloads
  • Architect and implement cloud resources at ease
  • Fully redundant storage and network infrastructure
  • High security standards with 99.95% network uptime guarantee
  • Robust techniques for business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Dedicated account teams monitor, respond to alarms, update operating systems and manage all other tedious operations. Our cloud services are powered by our cloud platform which is a geographically diverse dual-zone platform housed in our datacentres. This provides complete and end-to-end control over all elements in the hosting stack allowing us to deliver superb quality and flexibility.


Cloud computing with Six Degrees Group provides greater business flexibility through a pay-as-you-go model in which service costs are based on consumption. IT departments that anticipate a hike/drop in user load can simply add/subtract capacity with cloud computing rather than investing in hardware storage.

High Storage

Organizations can store a lot more data with cloud server hosting compared with private computer systems. Six Degrees Group datacentres offer customers vast amounts of storage and computing capacity.

Remote Access

Employees can access and update information at any time, wherever they are, through web services and cloud computing, rather than having to remain at their desks.


Welcome to Newton’s Connected Colocation Bundle, turnkey colocation solutions to make your migration to data center outsourcing a streamlined pleasant experience. Learn for yourself the value of working with an integrated provider who can allow you to access your network and datacenter services across one contract with a single provider. The decision you make about your data infrastructure extends beyond just space, power and cooling. It's about gaining the reliability, security and agility to meet your business challenges and opportunities. Newton’s delivers highly reliable infrastructure for many of the largest enterprises and financial institutions in India, including few fortune companies. Newton’s data centers are built to the most exacting specification to ensure 100-percent uptime. Included in any colocation services package from Newton’s, we provide unrestricted access to a highly skilled, experienced team of support engineers. Our aim is to deliver the same or even greater provision than if you were to run your systems in house with your own staff. It’s the only way you can realise the true benefits of colocation.

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • 15-20 minute average turnaround time for issue resolution
  • No restrictions on call out or usage
  • Access to both Technical Support and Service Engineers

Data Centre Relocation

The decision to relocate your data centre is a difficult one, even if you’re not happy with the service at your current data centre provider. As a solution to this, Newton’s can provide you with a full, specialist relocation service backed up with strong industry SLAs, to get your equipment protected, moved and re-installed with minimum fuss or downtime.

Our Data Centre Relocation services include:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Purpose built, foam lined, flight cases and packing materials
  • Specialist handling equipment where required
  • Experienced relocation engineers
  • Fully insured, secure, dedicated service
  • SLA’s to bring you back online within a specified period

Through a specialist and experienced Partner, we can safely move your data centre, or server room, in either single or multiple phases to an Newton’s data centre from anywhere. We provide as much or as little assistance into the relocation process as you require – From simply providing just secure packing, transportation and unpacking of your equipment, to pre-move audits, cabling, and de-commission through to re-commission of devices. We have experience of relocating a wide range of server, storage and comms devices from manufacturers including HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, EMC, Cisco, SUN, Brocade, Avaya and many more.

Email Server Hosting

The backbone of any firm is its information exchange route which involves a business email communication channel. Data exchanged via this system is extremely sensitive and needs to be protected. Only then a company can safeguard its intellectual assets and provide supporting documentation for user cases. With Newton’s, your company can archive crucial email data and also benefit from an on-demand access policy.

This is a unique archiving service hosted on Cloud that can be accessed from any web browser. By availing it, you can store and manage business-critical information whenever you need it. All your data is securely captured in our tamper-proof online repository that guarantees a seamless end user access. Also reap the benefits of rapid search functionality because this model is built within a collaborative system. Interestingly, there is no mandatory hardware or software; so you have a quick and easy to deploy email storage solution that is offered to you at a lucrative price.

Email Migration

Many a times, your business operations call for a ready to migrate email environment. At such a juncture, transferring corporate-critical data from one system to another becomes a critical need. In order to cater to all your business needs, our flexible Email Migration options will help you meet some mailbox related technical and budget requirements. With us, you can migrate your email data effortlessly. Apart from documents, our service also supports complex information such as embedded images and attachments. So all your business-critical data gets transmitted into a safe and secured environment.


  • We provide a customized migration package that suits your budget constraints
  • You can also migrate your email from any email server at a chosen speed level
  • A team of skilled migration experts supervise the project and ensure that it is carried out smoothly
  • Transfer all contacts, calendars, tasks and notes in a hassle-free manner
  • Leverage real-time notifications via a robust migration process
  • Take the help of dedicated migration experts all through the project
  • Benefit from flexible packages
  • Use user-friendly tools and enjoy a relaxed email migration

Microsoft Exchange Versions

Microsoft Exchange Server is the leading business-grade messaging system. Exchange offers a number of capabilities, including email, calendaring, task management, address lists, and access to shared document repositories, amongst other functions.

From its start in 1993, Microsoft Exchange has continually been upgraded and improved, including additional and enhanced features to ensure it has kept up to date with the requirements of the modern enterprise, with the current version, Exchange 2013 being launched in December 2012.

Keeping your E-mail secure

Electronic communications carry a host of threats that can harm efficiency, productivity, and reputation. For instance, a single infected message or ‘bad’ web link could compromise an enterprises entire network. Threats are also becoming increasingly better targeted at businesses of all types and sizes.

Web Server Hosting

Dedicated servers – fully configured and bespoke to you. Our Dedicated Server solution enables the managed hosting of fully customizable physical servers, dedicated to your business for ultimate separation and security. Through our comprehensive SLAs and management & monitoring services, we deliver the compliance and security that many organizations today require when building their enterprise IT infrastructures. Migrating to our simple predictable monthly billing with no initial large capital outlay will deliver you cost savings and operational efficiencies from day one.

Our Dedicated Server hosting is great for clients who are on a journey of technology optimization – but where true cloud services can’t support their entire IT landscape. Newton’s commitment to delivering hybrid hosting solutions enables customers to access colocation, dedicated hosting and cloud services together – depending on their individual IT environment and application suitability.

Newton Storage Area (NSA)

Unified Strorage

The possibilities are endless when your storage can rapidly scale to meet all your capacity, performance & availability needs Businesses today live and die by the availability of information. Exponential growth in data usage has translated into increased costs for businesses to manage and store data in a reliable manner. Newton’s enterprise-class Newton’s Network Storage Area (NSA) solutions provide a cost effective, scalable solution for handling your data while enabling the highest levels of availability.

Support for Growth and Expansion

Why settle for limitations posed by physical hard disks installed in a server?
Why purchase storage today that you may need for years to come?
With Newton’s (NSA) you don’t have to. Our high performance storage arrays can support hundreds of terabytes of data. You buy only the storage you need to support your environment today and as your IT infrastructure grows we can easily and seamlessly expand your data volumes without any disruption.

Enabling Redundancy

We understand that your business can be crippled if critical data is unavailable. By storing your data on the Newton’s Managed (NSA) , it will be protected by multiple levels of redundancy to reduce the likelihood of data unavailability.

These measures include:

  • Four (4) active/active NSA controllers on each storage system
  • Multipath network redundancy from your environment to the storage array
  • RAID-5 and RAID-10 deployed on all NSA infrastructure

Combined with these measures, the Newton’s Managed NSA facilitates a variety of high-availability functions offered through operating system and application clustering.

Multiple Layers of Security

Your data will also be secured physically and virtually. Newton’s Managed Storage solutions are located in a secure "essential personnel only" location with Newton’s data center that have completed SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Audits. Physical access is secured with biometrics and proximity card, motion camera and 24x7 on site staffing. Logical access to your data is secured with private VLAN connectivity over Newton’s private network and bi-directional CHAP authentication.

Optimized Performance & Throughput

Managed Network Storage Area Newton’s provides you with the ultimate flexibility to choose the type of storage that meets your business needs.

  • Tier I Storage – for data that requires lightning fast performance with significant input/output operations. Tier I storage leverages solid state disks with unmatched speed and throughput.
  • Tier II Storage – for databases, media and other I/O intensive applications Tier II storage offers great speed through 15,000 RPM fiber channel disks.
  • Tier III Storage – for file servers and other large storage footprints that are accessed less frequently Tier III storage resides on 7,200 RPM disks and offers the best cost alternative.
  • Hybrid Storage – the implementation of autonomic tiering provides the best of both worlds. For data volumes with varying performance needs hybrid storage makes sure that your frequently accessed data resides on higher performing disks, and static data is stored on a more cost-effective storage tier.

Connections to Newton’s storage arrays are available through fully redundant iSCSI (1 GB Ethernet), and/or 4 GB Fibre Channel networks.

Solve Your Storage Problems Forever

You have far better uses for your capital and time than to spend them buying and maintaining storage. Save both, with Newton’s Managed Storage. And get all the performance, capacity and speed you’ll ever need in a storage solution you’ll never outgrow. To learn more, contact Newton’s today.

Cloud Storage :

Cloud backup allows businesses to have a safe, secure and easily accessible version of their data stored at remote location. You can now save your work in one location and rest assured that it will be transferred to our remote backup servers and stored in a dedicated area for your business where only you and your nominated persons will have access.

Newton’s syncs files between your PCs. That means your employees can use multiple computers and can take their work home with them if you wish. It also means your employees can work on the road. If your people are still e-mailing files between themselves then there is a better way

Newton’s cloud storage service provides our customers with several key benefits:

  • High quality service at a low cost
  • Full transparency of costs – pay only for what you use
  • High availability
  • High durability
  • Full elasticity – you no longer need to worry about provisioning to cope with peaks or troughs in demand
  • Excellent support from highly-skilled engineering teams operating in a Newton’s support structure
  • High speed bulk upload / ingest
  • Secure, fully Newton’s owned and operated datacenters
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support
  • Choice of network access

Numerous tools and software packages exist which allow the use of cloud platform as a destination for backups as part of your backup or disaster recovery plans.

We recommend that all critical data is stored within the storage. Typical use cases include: real-time access, data archival, disaster recovery as a service (DRAAS), data warehousing, big data projects, object storage and media and content libraries.

The Benefits:

  • No need for tape backups (savings on tape dive and consumable purchases)
  • Reliable easy to use backup software
  • Easy to restore files
  • Can be used in the event of mass data loss
  • Low management overhead

Newton’s Makes it Easy to Realize All the Benefits of Virtualization

  • Maximize hardware utilization
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Enable cost-effective growth
  • Increase performance and resource control
  • Simplify data management
  • Speed provisioning
  • Simplify disaster recovery options and enhance business continuity

Say Goodbye to Resource Underutilization

And we’re here to help you right-size your environment—tailoring our solution to your specific requirements. Whatever hypervisor you choose, our expert virtualization engineers and flexible per-VM pricing model will make virtualization work for you.
Let one server do the work of many. And let your IT infrastructure do more than ever before. With a Newton’s virtual servers

Database Management

no in-house database administrators? no problem, Newton’s team of certified Microsoft SQL database administrators has you covered From comprehensive monitoring and basic maintenance, to full-blown management and administration, our database experts can help support your SQL database environment, including the deployment of high-availability clustering and disaster recovery.

Database Configuration

Our team will audit and assess your current database configuration, and make any necessary recommendations to match Microsoft best practices. We can then install and configure your database for you as well.

SQL Monitoring & Maintenance

Through a proprietary monitoring tool, our team will inspect the performance and operation of your SQL database and associated server infrastructure to determine system availability and identify risks. Newton’s will promptly notify you in the event your database servers fail to respond or encounter a service-impacting event.

SQL Management & Administration

  • Scheduled database maintenance tasks
  • Database tuning
  • Full database & transaction log backups
  • Database integrity checking
  • Statistic updates
  • Defragment or rebuild indexes
  • SQL server error log cycling
  • Scheduled job failure and event notifications response
  • Database recovery support in the event of a system crash

SQL High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Strict data uptime requirements? Don’t accept downtime! Our Database Administrators will configure your databases into high-availability clusters and set up log shipping to support disaster recovery.

Become a Top Performer

Outstanding IT performance doesn’t happen on its own. Newton’s Managed Services delivers the right combination of technology, processes and people working together to maximize IT uptime, reliability and response.

Data Backup & Archiving

Newton’s shared ‘Storage-as-a-Service’ platform enables an organization to take advantage of advanced storage features without the upfront investment of purchasing dedicated storage hardware. This service provides ease of implementation and management, and allows organizations to free up capital expenditure in order to significantly reduce internal IT spending.

We offer a fully-automated and managed disk-to-disk data backup and recovery service, with storage nodes in multiple data centres. Your protected data is backed up daily to our secure data storage facilities via a dedicated network.

Our comprehensive data archiving service seamlessly integrates with our data backup and storage services. If required, our experienced consultants can help you identify data that needs to be archived for compliance purposes.

Utilizing industry leading technologies, Newton’s can provide flexible Dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached Storage (NAS) solutions for demanding requirements, where customized platforms can be deployed to meet specific regulatory compliance and performance needs.

Managing, monitoring and supporting your data

We configure all aspects of your backup delivery, providing feedback on data found to be unprotected, advising when problems occur and managing the capacity of the backup service by ensuring storage limits are never reached. Should a recovery operation be required then you just send a simple request to Newton’s support and we do the hard work of finding the appropriate backup set, triggering the restore process and verifying the result.

Our Managed Backup solution includes the maintenance of backup schedules and sets, troubleshooting of warnings and errors and the proactive testing of the restore process. This combination of services ensures that all data that should be protected, is protected.

Managed Backup & Recovery

Newton’s delivers a range of enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions, enabling businesses to securely store all critical data while spending less capital and internal resources dealing with the implementation and day-to-day management of the backup system.

Providing flexibility is important as no one business is the same. Newton’s is able to provide additional backup on demand to meet the specific need.

Newotn’s range of backup and recovery solutions include:

  • Disk based Snapshots
  • Standard Backup Service (flat file)
  • Application backups (open file)
  • NDMP Backup
  • Off-site data backup

Newton Security Center (NSC)


Solid and Secure Protection Backed by Years of Experience !! Newton’s firewall solutions provide robust firewall protection backed by 24/7 management and monitoring by our team of experienced security experts. Requiring no upfront investment in equipment or software, our cost-effective solutions allow you to focus on your core business competencies while we handle the operational details.

Firewall UTM Service

Newton’s provides robust security solutions to ensure confident quality, integrity and availability of systems and data at all levels of your business; from policy and audit to technical counter-measure, from headquarters to branch offices or teleworkers.
Newton’s deploys firewalls at your premises providing in depth defence for your environment, utilising Unified Threat Management features to deliver increased peace of mind where required Our deployments are fully integrated to work with your existing network and security infrastructure.
Our solutions can be fully managed by us or integrated into your own business practices and procedures. Installations include a report on the security of the configuration post-deployment.

Firewall VPN Service

Newton’s deploys VPN firewalls at your premises providing in depth defence for your environment, utilising Virtual Private Network (VPN) features to deliver increased peace of mind where required.
Our deployments are fully integrated to work with your existing network and security infrastructure. Your VPN may be implemented over the Internet, private circuits or MPLS clouds, or any combination of there, including load balanced and back-up VPNs for increased efficiency and continuity of service.
Our solutions can be fully managed by us or integrated into your own business practices and procedures. Installations include a report on the security of the configuration post-deployment.

Product Details:

Management and monitoring of firewalls are provided with the service—cloud-based or dedicated—or are customer owned.

  • Delivers weekly firewall activity reports based on log file analysis
  • Portal-based reports (log files available)
  • Unlimited rule-set changes
  • Delivered at IDC or customer premise

Application Protection

Proven Protection for Critical Data
Newton’s Solutions application protection solutions help ensure your network applications are running smoothly—allowing only authorized application transactions and protecting critical data from application attacks, including hacking, cross-site scripting and parameter tampering.

Product Details

Fully managed web application firewall service based on acclaimed technology. Detects and blocks malicious web requests; keeping your applications up and running Prevents potential data leakage, by identifying leaks of sensitive data, such as credit cardholder information and social security numbers Provides a critical additional layer of protection to your perimeter firewall infrastructure

Technical Details

  • 24/7 managed and monitored security service
  • Perform inspection on traffic the perimeter firewall lets through to the web servers
  • Inspect encrypted traffic
  • Proactively block malicious traffic
  • Protects against leakage


Control Threats, Risks and Vulnerabilities Strong and reliable, Newton’s two-factor implementation secures access to corporate networks, protects the identities of users and confirms that a user is who he claims to be.

Product Details

  • Support of Firewall “Any Connect” VPN client software
  • Downloadable from URL provided at time of implementation
  • User configuration guide available
  • Split tunneling enabled by default
  • Supportable on Windows, 64bit windows, Linux and MacOS

Technical Details

Strong authentication services to work with remote access solution Strong authentication to leverage RSA two factor based password with hardware or software based token

Threat Management

it’s hard to say what’s lurking out there in the darkest corners of the Internet, but with Newton’s threat management services you don’t need to worry about it Multiple Layers of Protection to Guard Against Multiple Attack Vectors Built into the Newton’s Managed Firewall platform, a variety of threat management services can be deployed to identify and avert major network compromises that would otherwise go undetected.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Monitors all permitted traffic to and from specified security zones on your Newton’s managed firewall using protocol decoder based analysis, stateful pattern matching, protocol and statistical anomaly detection and heuristic analysis to identify exploits, non-RFC compliant protocol usage, port scans, host sweeps, invalid/malformed packets, IP de-fragmentation and TCP reassembly and spyware.

Network based Anti-Virus

Leverages a stream based scanning engine to analyze non-encrypted traffic for applications that transfer files (FTP, Mail and SMB) to detect signatures matching those of known malware and viruses.

Content (URL) Filtering

For hosted environments providing desktop services to end users, content filtering monitors permitted traffic on security zones with access to the internet for connections to websites based upon ~75 predetermined categories either allowing the connections, logging the connections (for review) or denying the connections based on the requested configuration.

WildFire Protection

On dedicated security devices, WildFire can analyzes executable files transmitted over a network in real time to dynamically update signatures of threat databases automatically to detect and prevent highly evasive targeted attacks.

Intrusion Prevention

The Newton’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) product family provides a critical component of the layered security infrastructure that enterprises require to assure that their business continues to thrive, and retain the confidence of their customers.

In a world where information is readily accessible, protecting your network and the information contained within it from malicious attacks is a top priority. Newton’s Data Center can help you facilitate an easy-to-use intrusion prevention system to give you the protection you need.

Our solution provides protection from a variety of network-based threats by scanning packet payloads for:

  • Worms
  • Trojans
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • Other malicious code

The Solution

Newton’s Network Security delivers the most comprehensive, effective intrusion prevention available, detecting and blocking both known and unknown attacks without impacting network performance. The Newton’s IPS is a transparent, in-line security appliance that provides unmatched intrusion detection capabilities through a unique combination of protocol behavior analysis supplemented by signature-based detection.

The Newton’s IPS is remarkable for the lowest latency and highest reliability of any IPS on the market. Multiple appliances can be deployed in Protection Cluster mode, which dramatically boosts performance and provides high availability in the very unlikely event of appliance failure.

IPS Controller software provides central management of multiple IPS appliances, allowing customers to administer policy, updates and granular control in distributed environments.

IPS Benefits

  • Protection against remote exploit of critical vulnerabilities
  • Monitor and block spyware, viruses, botnet programs and other malware
  • Defend against advanced hybrid and application-level attacks
  • Provides P2P security
  • Protection for VoIP infrastructure
  • Blocks DDoS and botnet-based attacks
  • Prevents undesired access via pre-defined acceptable access policies
  • Proactively protects against threats while patches are being tested and deployed
  • Improves security posture through acceptable application usage enforcement
  • Enables regulatory compliance
  • Protects against theft of intellectual property as a result of of undesired access
  • Reduces IT hours fixing/remediating systems infected by viruses, botnets and malware
  • Reduces downtime of business systems and websites due to DDoS attacks

Newton Network Center (NNC)


Service provider IP transit
Today’s Internet is all about bringing Content to Eyeballs over high performing networks in a cost effective manner. Newton’s, by having the largest, most scalable and most densely connected IP network (dual stack IPv4/IPv6) in India today, is the obvious choice for India IP traffic distribution. Newton’s Server Socket is an enhanced Internet connection service providing a wide range of Internet uses. Features include direct connection to Tier 1 Internet carriers; BGP based multi-homing network, and many other benefits from India’s most established colocation provider. If you seek a solution offering a fast, flexible and failsafe route to your service, Server Socket is for you.

Service type

Committed Data Rate based Service

  • 10 Mbps port or 100 Mbps port

Tariff structure

The basic monthly charge for 10 Mbps connection includes up to 2 Mbps usage, for 100 Mbps connection includes up to 10 Mbps usage. If 95th percentile calculation is higher than the committed rate at the end of the month, then the maximum excess usage will become applicable. Please contact Newton’s Sales for more details.


VPN - Virtual Private Network Newton’s seamlessly mixes MPLS and IPSec VPNs, to deliver an efficient, scalable and reliable way of connecting together your sites in multiple locations and countries to provide a single fully managed wide area network (WAN) capability.

Our SDN-capabilities allow us to natively and automatically integrate all VPN customers to our VDC cloud platform, giving immediate access to our platform, as well as the Newton’ s Cloud store, and our suite of Hosted Applications, including Hosted Contact Centre and Hosted Exchange.

Newton’s takes on the responsibility of providing and managing the total solution, including the access network, the core network and the customer premises equipment (CPE), so you are able to focus your efforts on activities and applications crucial to your business and spend less time on infrastructure and operations. The service is backed by our comprehensive end-to-end SLAs.

VPLS-based VPNs are also available, and can be delivered alongside MPLS network capability for total flexibility of management and topology control.

Create the right network for your business with our fully meshed Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Built on a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) backbone and provided via our state of the art Tier 1 global IP network, Newton’s delivers 100% core-network availability for secure converged data, voice and video traffic on a single network connection.

Newton’ s gives you the power to

  • Prioritize network traffic - With quality of service levels (QoS) for optimal performance of key time-sensitive applications
  • Scale - With a broad range of TDM and Ethernet access options and bandwidth that ranges from 1.5Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Manage and Analyze - Use our secure web portal for access to network availability and performance reports, and on-line trouble ticket submission and reporting

Improved experience from your MPLS network

Customer-defined prioritised classes of traffic can be applied to your MPLS network. Time-sensitive data is assigned priority over delay tolerant data as per your company’s requirement.

Multiple sites connected as if on the same LAN

This means that all your offices across the country are as easy to connect into the LAN in your head office, as three PCs in your workplace

Quicker & easier service provision and upgrades

With Enterprise MPLS there is no need to manually set up routing at every hop through the core network. This dramatically reduces the lead-time between placing your order or upgrade and it being delivered

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