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Career development

Working with some of the most exciting current technologies isn’t the whole story. Our collegiate approach to working also sets us apart.

We like to foster a sense of collaboration within the business, with our partners, customers and suppliers, local universities and educational establishments, the wider open source communities and regional development groups. We are passionate about developing our people as much as we are passionate about developing some of the most innovative, exciting and efficient solutions in data center technology today.

Company Standards

We take a robust approach to procedural management to ensure compliance with standards and best practice but we’re not inflexible. We don’t want to inhibit clear thinking, sensible personal judgment and proactive decision making. We foster personal responsibility within our teams at every level – because this is essential in operational situations. But we support our teams with clear and operable escalation procedures.

Employee Benefits

The experience of our HR team in working on high-profile and sensitive projects in both large Blue Chip IT organizations and growing Tech Start-Ups has shaped the priorities of our HR policies here at Datacenter.

We’ve put a lot of effort into developing meaningful policies and benefits that provide real value to our employees.


If you are just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, Newton could be exactly what your career needs. Please mail your resume to hr@newtoncsc.com Unleash the Next.

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